1. What is Leminar?

Leminar is the leading HVAC and Plumbing products distributor and service provider in the UAE, with offices across the GCC - including Oman and Kuwait. It distributes all Rheem products exclusively in the UAE, Oman and has more exclusive partnerships with leading brands in ventilation, pumps, valves, and other building services products. Please visit our Leminar website for more information about our products, or the About Us page for more information about the company

2. What is the split system?

A split system uses indoor and outdoor components to provide a complete home comfort system. The indoor component contains an air outlet unit (an evaporator), while the outdoor component contains a compressor and a condenser. This system relies on a set of pipes to connect the outdoor and indoor units. Refrigerant flows through these copper pipes to generate cool air.

3. Who do I contact for air conditioning products and service?

Contact Leminar (043338700) or email us at info@leminar.ae

4. What do rating numbers mean?

The Local government requires an efficiency rating of all air conditioning equipment as per ESMA standards. The rating reflects the percentage of energy used efficiently, with a high rating indicating high-efficiency. where 1 star being low efficiency and 5 year being the best.

5. What is the refrigerant used in the Rheem split units?

R410a (Environmentally friendly refrigerant).

6. Are Rheem units designed for harsh weather conditions?

Yes, they are especially designed for the Middle East market.

7. Should a thermostat’s fan setting be on "auto" or "on"?

Preferably auto. That way, the fan operates only when the temperature requires it. This is the most used and the most efficient setting. However, there are advantages to using the “on” setting. Air is constantly filtered through the unit’s air filter, and the constantly circulating air results in an even temperature throughout the house.

8. How do I know what size unit our house needs?

You can use the tonnage calculator or you can contact us at +97143338700 or email us at info@leminar.ae. We will consider many factors before making a recommendation, including size of the house, climate, number and type of windows installed, insulation, and the number of people living in the house.

9. What are the warranty terms?

We offer a warranty of 12 months on parts and 5 years on compressors from the date of delivery

10. How do I claim the warranty?

You can visit our Leminar Service Pro Office along with the defective part and invoice details.

11. Does the Rheem AC unit have an I Feel feature?

Yes, “I Feel” feature comes with a built-in sensor in the remote controller that can sense the surrounding temperature, so the unit can adjust room temperature more accurately and make you more comfortable.

12. What are the benefits of I Feel Feature?

Benefits of the “I Feel” feature are uniform cooling & user comfort.

13. Does Leminar offer installation services?

Yes, Leminar offers installation of AC units through Leminar Service Pro. Visit our website here to get a quote. You may also contact us at 043338700 or email us at info@leminar.ae.

13. What are annual maintenance contracts?

An annual maintenance contract is an agreement with a service provider for the servicing and maintenance of AC units. Leminar’s service division, Leminar Service Pro, offers these contracts to ensure your air conditioners are running smoothly throughout the year.. Please read our services description here for more information, and estimate the cost of an annual maintenance contract for yourself with our calculator.

13. What is the tonnage calculator?

The tonnage calculator offers you a means of determining the approximate tonnage required for an AC unit in a given space. With the window and room sizes, the calculator simply provides an estimation for buyers to determine what products to look at. You may use our calculator here.

14. How do I get the TRN displayed on the tax invoice?

We request you to mail us your TRN on online@leminar.ae along with your order number requesting us to incorporate the same on the tax invoice.